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MetsCube has two core activities, prepping and distribution. These activities are related to e-commerce, but the clientele might be somewhat different.


Metscube specializes in partnering up with e-commerce sellers/companies that sell on the major marketplace, like Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, and Etsy (to name the big ones). Products will need to be prepped in accordance with these marketplace standards before they’re allowed to be sent in. To accomplish this, we:

This process is referred to as ‘prepping’. This allows a seller (client) to process their merchandise as fulfilled by the respective marketplace, also known as fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), or Walmart fulfillment services (WFS).


The second aspect of prepping is ‘merchant fulfillment’, a process where the client sells their merchandise on any marketplace, but the fulfillment part is handled by us. So we take the order details and prep the product individually and ship it to the client’s customer. This process is also known as Fulfilment by merchant (FBM) and is typical for Etsy or Home depot.

Another segment we cater to is small to medium-sized businesses that need a distribution center. We provide storage and fulfillment services for these businesses, using a multi-shipper account, like Shipstation. Typically, these businesses sell their goods through their own websites. These clients will be the ‘bigger fish’ as they have more/bigger merchandise to store.

For all of these services, we offer to link into the client’s fulfillment software and execute the fulfillment on their behalf.

Receiving and Storage

A common aspect of prepping and distribution is storage. If a client chooses FBM, they will need to store their merchandise with us, so we can fulfill this. Items will be stored depending on their size, either in bins or pallet positions.

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