Selling Internationally on Amazon

Selling on Amazon internationally exposes businesses to a much wider customer reach potential, allowing them to grow and scale faster than anything we have seen before. Unfortunately, a lot of e-commerce do not want to sell internationally because they think that the process is complicated and tedious, but Amazon has implemented new programs that make it easier for the seller and the customer.

Amazon Global Selling

Amazon Global Sellin (AGS) is a program in which sellers are permitted to list their inventory and sell it on Amazon’s various worldwide marketplaces. Amazon operates 16 online stores worldwide, allowing you to grow your business internationally independent of where your business is physically established.

Amazon Global Selling

To sell in any of these markets, you’ll need to create an account for every individual country, except in those that are considered unified accounts. For instance, the US includes the USA, CA, and MX.

Advantages of Selling Internationally

  • Amazon fulfillment services (FBA) help you get products to customers promptly worldwide: picking, packing, shipping, and localized 24/7 customer service. This makes shipping products a simple process.
  • Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) allows you to send your products internationally directly to your customers. If your product requires assembly not possible from your supplier, a third-party fulfillment prep center can assist with this. All of this can help you avoid additional fees from Amazon.
  • If the seller’s business is already successful in their home market, Amazon eases the experience of global expansion, reducing the need to build up the brand.

It is important to research the target marketplace before putting a listing to it to assure good sales, adjust the pricing, optimize the distribution channels, and promote the products to attract regional customers. There are also taxes and import fees that might need to be covered depending on the country you’re shipping to, but Amazon makes it a lot easier by guiding you to the process on their page.

If you are a business owner looking to escalate your e-commerce, this might be the opportunity you are looking for. Don’t be afraid of selling on Amazon internationally, after all, Amazon is the biggest and most successful e-commerce around the world, and they want your business to grow too.


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