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A Resource for Amazon Sellers

We provide packaging for Amazon Sellers

When you partner with MetsCube, you can use your own custom packaging at no extra cost. Unboxing and reboxing are crucial to building successful customer relationships and building your brand.

Our Return software integrates flawlessly with Amazon's Platform

Metscube's return management software is available for all of our clients. We will quickly process any returns and restock the inventory. We will even inspect to make sure the products are not damaged with no extra cost to you.

Metscube Fulfillment Center

We are perfectly located on the east coast which makes it easier to store and ship your product nationwide. Our location allows us to strategically lower your shipping costs, and our warehouse staff takes extreme care when packaging your inventory.

Metscube Software

Metscube's software seamlessly integrated into Amazon's platform, this allows Metscube to easily take care of all of your order details.

Is Metscube a right fit for you?

Scale Your Business

We scale with your business which allows us to keep up with any demand you have

Professional Team

Our Onboarding team will connect, and test integrations for flawless processing

Real Time Analytics

View your data in real-time with our software

100% Accuracy

We double-check all orders to ensure 100% accuracy for your business

Based on 22 reviews
Saad Tariq
Saad Tariq
Hands down the best service i have ever received. Thy are an exceptional group of people who i have learnt to completely rely on over the past several months. They are responsible, hardworking and very accommodating. Highly recommended
Jim Blaho
Jim Blaho
The 3PL company we had been using for 16 years for warehousing and order fulfillment unexpectedly announced it was closing in early 2023. We needed to find a new company that was able and willing to get us up and running in their warehouse quickly and efficiently. We spoke with dozens of companies, big and small, on the East Coast, the Mid-West, and the South, looking for a right fit. We finally found MetsCube’s site and we liked what we read there. We studied their online reviews and it seemed that all their clients were pleased with MetsCube’s service, pricing, flexibility, and their pro-active attitude in growing their clients’ businesses. This is our sixth month with them and I can honestly say that every positive comment their clients made in their online reviews is true. We could not be happier. Thank you MetsCube for all your good hard work! I'm sure your future clients will be as glad as we are that we found your company.
Lisa Silfverala
Lisa Silfverala
We have almost had a collaboration with MetsCube for a year. And what a fantastic year it has been. Albert and his team have been absolutely amazing and helpful through this process of getting everything in order for a 3PL solution. From the first team meeting, to today's date has been family-feeling. professionalism, fun and very educational. All of us at Speedheater System AB have the utmost confidence in MetsCube, the team, and can warmly recommend others to engage their services and use MetsCube´s knowledge bank. Looking forward to many years of cooperation and the feeling of having a new corporate family in the USA. Thank you Albert & Co Lisa Silfverala Speedheater System AB / Sweden
Behnam Samadi
Behnam Samadi
It's been a very positive experience working with MetsCube as our 3PL partner in our ecommerce business. They provide professional and honest service, advise and assistance. I would definitely recommend MetsCube to anyone looking for a 3PL company. Especially if you run your business from outside of the US like we do and need a reliable 3PL partner.
Kyle M
Kyle M
Excellent to work with! Great team.
Metscube is a place for any online retailers business . Either you a startup or been already in online selling business like : Amazon, eBay or take out delivery you wanna talk to them for solutions.
MetsCube is a great 3PL for fulfillment, storage and crossdocking. We have been working with then for over a year with excellent results.
Kayti Welsh Stewart
Kayti Welsh Stewart
Absolutely wonderful! I’m a small business owner that has been shipping herself for years before I found MetsCube. I had tried using a fulfillment center in the past that was not very flexible or communicative with me, but MetsCube is quite the opposite. They are incredibly flexible, communicative, friendly, and very good at problem-solving and logistics which is essential when it comes to navigating global shipping. They offer same-day shipping if the order comes in before 2, which is wonderful. Flexible ways to pay, their prices are great and I can’t say enough good things about both Albert and Chris - they are both top notch. I love that I’m supporting a family business!
Taylor Fife
Taylor Fife
Great company and were very quick to help us out with a project. Albert was easy to work with and fast to respond!
I’m so happy that I found this company! These guys work hard to support me and my business. They are organized, friendly, and keep me aware of everything. They explain their process, ship my orders daily, and handle my packaging/labeling as requested. I highly recommend!!
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