How to Manage New Amazon Restock Limits

In July 2020, Amazon introduced new ASIN-level quantity limits for products to ensure storage for all sellers who use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). This initial policy affected many sellers who were planning on launching new products, they were limited to sending in a total of 200 units per ASIN.

However, in April 2021, Amazon said they had listened to sellers’ feedback and replaced its policy with new storage-type level restock limits instead, offering more flexibility in managing shipments. Restock limits are calculated at the account level and by storage type, based on your past and your forecasted sales

On the surface, it seemed like good news for Amazon sellers, and while it does give more flexibility, the immediate consequences showed that some sellers saw as much as a 40% drop in their storage capacity overnight as Amazon announced this change with no prior warning.

It seems that while this new policy is favorable for some sellers, others are going to be affected by it, particularly high-volume sellers and seasonal items.

amazon restock limits


What would be the options for Amazon Sellers?

Diversify your Business

It’s important to diversify your fulfillment methods when Amazon’s restock limits prevent you from sending your inventory, you can do that through your own warehouse or using a 3PL. You can also sell your products on other platforms to continue growing your business.

Amazon sellers don’t want to completely run out of stock, nor do they want to overproduce and not have the space to store their products. One of the most convenient solutions is to have 3PL logistics backup for your amazon products. That way, you can send your products to a 3PL warehouse that can send your products to Amazon when needed.

Having a 3PL fulfillment center is probably the way a lot of Amazon sellers will have to run their business from this time forth. In the end, Amazon doesn’t want to be a storage facility, they want to be a distribution facility so that inventory is always turning over quickly.

How to Manage New Amazon Restock Limits



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