Easy Mistakes To Avoid As An Amazon Seller

When you are a new Amazon seller, you can run across multiple obstacles that can make it difficult to become a successful merchant. Not having a clear understanding of Amazon’s policy is one of them.

It’s well known that Amazon policies are focused on and driven by the shopper’s experience. Amazon outlines best practices and sets very clear selling policies, but let’s face it, Amazon sellers are bound to make a few mistakes every now and then.

Here, we’ll talk about the 4 most common mistakes Amazon sellers make, and how you can avoid them.


1. Pointing Amazon Shoppers to Your Website

New sellers often want to direct their possible new clients to their website as a marketing strategy. That way, customers can take a look into the variety of items and products their company has to offer. But what they don’t know is that including a URL in their product or seller information violates Amazon policies.

Retargeting is one of the biggest disadvantages when using sites like Amazon, but on the other hand, Amazon gives you access to a large shopper base that consumes their products on a daily basis.

If what you need is more marketing, there are infinite tools and strategies that can increase your site traffic and help you target your desired market. Look for the ones that meet your needs and take advantage of them!


amazon product information mistakes


2. Incomplete or Incorrect product data

There are thousands of products that Amazon has to filter every day, so having a clear description and details of your products is key to becoming a successful Amazon seller. It does not only make it easy for buyers to find your products, but it also gives them confidence that what they’re buying it’s exactly what they want.


amazon inventory management


3. Running out of inventory

It’s no surprise that a lot of Amazon sellers struggle with managing their inventory, especially when they sell multiple products. If they don’t have a strategy, they can run out of inventory and end up overselling. Not only do you lose out on sales, but you also lose the buyer’s interest and potential long-term clients.

If you need assistance managing your inventory, you may be a good candidate for MetsCube services. We keep track of your inventory levels and provide you with the best customer support.


amazon customer service mistakes


4. Late or Costly Fulfillment

One of the many reasons why online shoppers choose Amazon services is due to their fast and cheap turnaround time. If you’re a seller on Amazon, it’s expected that you’re able to do that, too. If you fail to do that, your amazon selling success will go down pretty quickly, and so will your reviews.

Using the FBA system will take care of this, but if you choose not to use it, there are plenty of good alternatives that are cheap and affordable. Here at MetsCube, we provide you with the best prices and adapt our plans to your needs.


bottom line


Amazon has one simple Golden Rule: Put the customer first. That’s what has driven Amazon to be one of the most successful eCommerce companies around the world. If you want to be successful, you must be focused on shopper experiences and driven by Amazon’s Golden Rule, too.

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